Hey guys!

Just wanted to make a quick update to say I finally finished Track 02 of my second album!

I think this is another one of my best pieces, because of all the mixed melodies.

Listen to Perdicament Processor, and stay tuned for Track 03!

Random Update

2017-08-15 22:27:17 by CanuckBasenji

Just wanted to thank everyone for 100 plays on Rainy Sunrise!!

I'm currently working on a new track, but it's difficult since I have two PCs that I work on, and one has been screwed up so I can't figure out the admin password, so I only have my programs on my laptop.

Not to mention that every thirty minutes an activate windows message pops up, since the old admin-less computer I'm using while I type this had originally belonged to another of my family members, and they got a pirated copy of Windows 7. I argue it's the best Windows, Windows 10 can jump in a hole and reconsider being so square and curve-less on its dialogue boxes.

Anyway, have a nice day/night/salad, only if you like salad.

~ Canuck Basenji :]

More updates

2017-08-07 21:09:43 by CanuckBasenji

So, I thank the people who listened to my music and rated it, though one of them only has about one star for some reason.. 

However I'm still happy that I released a new track that's 4:08 minutes long. Feel free to or to not listen to it.                I DON'T CONTROL YOU. 


Enjoy your day Newgrounders.

~ CanuckBasenji ~ 

Someone Scouted for Me!

2017-08-03 19:40:31 by CanuckBasenji

Someone has scouted for me on Newgrounds, so I am painfully hyped. Or maybe that's just the caffeine from this Chai Latte I'm also drinking..

\/ \/ \/ URL for the playlist here! \/ \/ \/


Currently working on a new track, though I've been busy with vacationing and whatnot.

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